Reason why f(x) can’t do a sexy concept


Victoria: Ladies don’t have to wear short skirts and show more skin to be sexy…Honestly if we try to show skin, Amber won’t do it.
Kangin: Why? what’s wrong with Amber?
Amber: Everyone will fall in love with me…if I show my skin, it’s dangerous.
DANGER, DANGER you heard me.
Victoria: Amber can be really sexy if she tries.
Kangin: I know.
Luna: She was the sexiest one when we shot our cover photo.



Lee taeil:
-thinks fanfics r cute
-raises tropical fish and calls them his children
-likes anime and horror movies
-can legally ride motorcycles
-intentionally tries for a cute image
-has literally been outed as a lil queer by his bandmates
-has tried to kiss zico